Sample Appropriate Situations


Fiduciary Advisory Services

        Situation: Bank or trust company would like to accept one or more trusts with substantial readily marketable securities but the trust(s) also contain closely held assets.  The bank or trust company does not have any or sufficient staff with the appropriate background and credentials to manage these closely held assets but it is well equipped to manage the other assets of the trust(s).  Solution:  The bank or trust company accepts the account as a trustee and contracts with BREIT Services to provide the oversight of the closely held assets held in trusts and estates.  Alternatively, the bank or trust department could decline the trustee role in favor of an executive from BREIT Services or another individual, with the bank or trust company then serving as custodian and investment manager for the publicly traded securities. 

        Situation:  The trustor would like to have a trusted family member or friend with good decision making skills to serve as trustee of their trust.  However, the trustor does not want to burden this person with duties that the trustee may not have the time, experience or expertise to handle.  Solution:  BREIT Services serves as a agent to the trustee ensuring that the administrative duties are properly handled and providing recommendations for the trustee to consider and decide on.


Business Brokerage: 

        Situation:  An owner of a private company in California wishes sell his/her business and, while he/she feels the logical buyer will probably be a well known competitor, they want to ensure that they get the maximum value for the company while minimizing managementsí time spent marketing the company. Solution:  BREIT Services is retained to market the company while management stays focused on business operations so that the business is more marketable.  In a rare instance when the business can not be sold for the necessary price, then the company will have more likely maintained its profitability/viability with management remaining focused on operating the company. 


Independent Board Member: 

        Situation:  A financial institutionís trust department serves as a trustee of a trust that holds a majority of substantial minority position in a company while the institutionís commercial finance group has extended credit to that same company.  While the financial institution realizes that it needs to have representation on the board given its holdings as trustee and it may have a fully capable and staffed department to provide that representation, the institution wishes to minimize any conflict of interest concerns given its credit position with that company.  Solution:  Nominate a principal of BREIT Services to serve on the board,.thereby, providing a means to meet the fiduciary obligations emanating from the trustee role by someone that fully understands those obligations while eliminating the direct link to the credit exposure. 

        Situation:  A business owner simply understands that his/her company should benefit from a board of directors which includes diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Solution:  Nominate a principal of BREIT Services to serve on the board since the business of BREIT Services inherently involves an exposure to many industries, markets and situations.